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Industrial layout
Industry service
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  • PCB
    PCB is the abbreviation of printed circuit board, it is the provider of electrical connection for electronic components.
  • New Energy Materials
    GHTECH is committed to the research and development of lithium battery life cycle technology. At present, we have mastered the production technology of lithium materials, patented technology of lithium battery pack disassembly, cascade utilization and recovery of valuable metals, and explored and established the mechanism and technical standards of cascade utilization and recovery of new energy automotive power batteries. In 2018,GHTECH becomes one of the first five enterprise meeting the Specifications for Comprehensive Utilization of Used and Scrapped Power Batteries of New Energy Automobile in China.
  • Auto Parts
    GHTECH provides one-stop surface treatment service for automobile electroplating, which fully meets the needs of automobile parts in functional use, appearance beautification and other aspects.
  • Photovoltaic
    Our electronic chemicals enable silicon wafer cutting tools to maintain excellent hardness at all times, increasing the cutting rate and productivity of polycrystalline silicon/monocrystalline silicon.
  • Electronic Components
    The surface treatment products of GHTECH bring high quality coatings for electronic components and improve the welding ability of products.
  • Medicine
    GHTECH provides the pharmaceutical industry with a wide range of specialized chemicals as raw materials to help produce better products.
  • Daily Chemical
    GHTECH high-quality specialized chemicals, as one of the important raw materials for daily chemicals, have been widely used.
  • Bathroom Hardware
    GHTECH provides high-quality surface treatment services for metal and plastic parts such as faucets and flower sprays in bathroom products, making these products both anticorrosive and aesthetic.
  • R&D
    In the field of scientific research and product testing, our chemical reagent help R&D and testing personnel obtain accurate results feedback.
  • E-commerce
    Guanghuayigou is an elaborate business platform built by GHTECH, aiming at providing one-stop laboratory packaging services for enterprises and scientific research institutions.
    No. 1 in the field of specialty chemicals
    Guangdong Guanghua Sci-Tech Co., Ltd. (SZSE: 002741) is an advanced specialty chemicals service provider, integrating product R&D, manufacturing, sales and service together. We focus on high-performance electronic chemicals, high-quality chemical reagents and new energy materials, and could also provide customized development and technological services for other specialty chemicals...
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